Clubware is simple to operate but very effective.

It has had a massive impact on our sales and retention strategies within 2 weeks of installation.

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The ability for clients to be able to sign up to the club using the online management gateway has been greatly beneficial to our club and to the clients. The ease of use of this programming is fantastic. Further to this, the ability for staff to be able to manage client payments and accounts from the club has been invaluable.

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Debitsuccess and Clubware have allowed us to focus on the day-to-day operations of our business. Once we sign our members onto their direct debit the rest is left with Debitsuccess. Clubware and Debitsuccess work seamlessly together, so from the moment we complete the DDR form the member shows in Clubware and we set them up to use the facility.

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Amanda Freeman

Clubware has everything a club owner could ask for! It is easy to use and it has the ability to print off a multitude of reports, from member’s attendance through to sales reports. In addition, the availability of full time IT support, should any problems arise, ensures that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Con Poulious

We really appreciate the relationship we have with Debitsuccess, and their ability and willingness to serve our needs. For the scale of an operation like ours, they needed to be able to deliver a good product and manage it well – which they do. It’s great to get such personalized service that gives us a site that’s a bit different and unique, and complements the rest of what we do
The OMG system lets us offer our customers a mechanism for signing up and managing their gym membership that is instant, easy-to-use and paperless. It takes away the stress and complications of the administration process and means people can start enjoying their gym experience sooner. The greatest benefit of OMG is that it helps us with customer retention. More people are using the web these days for managing their lives, and the OMG site gives our customers the flexibility to pay for, manage and transfer memberships quickly and efficiently.
The fitness industry has a naturally transient workforce, with staff often working just for short periods of time in between travel and other personal life pursuits. That means we constantly need to train and retrain staff in using administration systems. OMG’s ease of use removes that issue from the business equation. It reduces our staff spending time and energy in learning the system, letting us run the business more smoothly and allowing them to spend their time on taking care of customers.

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Greg Oliver

With so many Members across Australia and the world – many of whom are paying different amounts – the ability for Debitsuccess to work dynamically and autonomously has been impressive. It’s terrific for Members to spread their fees out at a relatively low cost.
Debitsuccess is by far the most useful payment processing system we have used. Flexibility is key for us and essential for our Members, making the payment process smoother for everyone.

Stuart Hergt

Gold’s Health & Fitness has used Clubware for the last 7 years. The unique system plays a very important part in the daily operations of our extremely busy and active business.
The Clubware Support team members are very helpful and always there when we need assistance. Gold’s Health & Fitness would recommend Clubware to anyone who may be interested as the system is very user friendly. It helps us keep track of all the important data with easy reports that can be printed out with a few clicks of a button.

Gold’s Health & Fitness
Anaru Hurihanganui

In the process of selecting software to use in our brand new club, the simplicity and ease of Clubware really stood out. Since opening our club in May 2008, we have used Clubware and have found the system to be everything that we were promised. In particular has allowed us to measure our business’ success with accurate reporting and constant upgrades to the software. Clubware is very user-friendly and is great in an environment where multiple staff need to use the system, as training on the software is easy and simple. read more

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Amanda Freeman

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